About Us

At TWL Water Technologies, we’ve been providing clean water through alkaline water filtration since 2012. We began by combining heat-flashing water evaporation techniques and reverse osmosis with micron filtration, and we’ve been expanding our technology ever since. Now we provide water treatment to the oil and gas industries and to livestock ranches and agricultural farms. We also provide disaster relief and water cleanup services, reclaiming water and treating contaminated water for human consumption.

Our recently developed technology incorporates electro-coagulation into a process that effectively treats and filters industrial wastewater for safe reuse. Click here to learn more about our patent pending technologies and methods.

If you’re an oil or gas company that needs to improve your water quality for fracking or drilling, we can help you optimize your water use, improving efficiency and lowering your overall costs. We provide micro-clustered and alkaline water for livestock producers, improving your livestock’s digestion, lactation and milk quality. In agriculture, our alkaline water systems help increase root development and overall plant growth while providing cleaner runoff. We can also provide you with equipment to recover clean water from contaminated water, whether in a pool or lake or underground. Our goals are to advance water reclamation, safety and improvement by teaming up with groups and businesses in a widening set of environments, where we can provide effective, practical solutions to water quality problems.

If you have any questions regarding our company or our services, please contact us at 469-866-4844 today–we would be happy to discuss your operational needs and develop a solution for you.