Oil & Gas

STEP #1:

Skimming Initial Oil: Inbound water transported from the source is dark and contaminated. The dirty water is pumped into a large tank for the oil skimming process.

STEP #2:

Proprietary Method: Once oil is skimmed, water enters a series of multiple tanks where coagulation and flocculation can occur to remove contaminants, oils, and bacterias. Copper-Iron sludge rises to the surface for removal and chemicals are added to adjust pH levels and complete purification.

STEP #3:

Reclaimed Water: Once complete, the fluids are ready for re-use in fracturing operations or disposal without contaminants, and prepped for outbound transportation.

Reclamation Results:

  • Oil Recovery

  • Reduce suspended solids, total petroleum, hydrocarbons, calcium, and metals (iron, etc.) by 90+%

  • Removes sulfites, silica, strontium, and barium presences by over 80%

  • Reducing total dissolved solids making water clearer, cleaner, and reusable

  • Contaminates removed based on specific customer requirements

  • Unit capacity – maximum 3,000 bbls per day

Water often represents a considerable cost to an operational oilfield, and improperly conditioned water can create supply chain challenges and restrict fracturing operations. If you’re an oil and gas producer, we’re ready at TWL Water Technologies to help you reduce your salt water disposal levels, provide flow back water treatment, and find uses for sludge. We can help you recycle and reuse your production water and find solutions for storing, transporting and using contaminated fluids.

On-Site Offerings Include:

  • Disposal of Flowback and Production Water

  • Producing Brine Water (up to 10 lbs)

  • Treated Fresh Water

Off-Site Offerings Include:

  • Skimming Oil

  • Cleaning Oil, Hydrocarbons and Heavy Metals from Production Water

  • Adjusting Water to your specific Fracturing Requirements

  • Treating Production Water to Fresh Water (2500 ppm or less for Agricultural or Livestock Use)

Specifically oriented for oil and gas equipment, our mobile filtration system reclaims the wastewater that you deliver to an SWD for reuse. We first went live with this system in Carrizo Springs in 2014, cleaning fracking and flowback water. We produced 10-pound brine at Carrizo Springs using solely reclaimed water. Our equipment is portable, and we can scale systems to meet your needs of up to 420,000 gallons per day. Best of all, our water reclamation units are designed for ease-of-use and operation, providing your operational efforts with minimal downtime and swift startups and shutdowns. If your enterprise has been searching for affordable and efficient solutions for the disposal of flowback and production water, you can trust in TWL Water Technologies to provide you with the equipment and system that fits your needs.

Since every water source is different, each containing its own unique chemistry, TWL Water Technologies excels at adjusting water compositions to meet the demands of the well. This process often requires tailoring your fracturing fluids, which is best accomplished by providing water that conforms to a baseline of consistent chemical makeup.

If you would like to discuss the needs of your oilfield or worksite with TWL Water Technologies, please contact us at 469-866-4844 today.