At TWL Water Technologies, one of our primary goals is improving the health and wellbeing of livestock. When you partner with us, you can increase dairy production, improve the health of your cattle, and lower your costs when you hydrate your livestock with our micro-clustered/alkaline water. Thanks to their use of our proprietary water treatment systems, dairy producers in both North America and Japan have already experienced increased lactation and significant improvements in milk production and quality, conception and calf survival rates, and reductions in bacterias due to higher pH levels. Their increases of 3 to 7 pounds of milk per head has proven the value of our system.

When using our alkaline water filtration systems, dairy farms have reported:

  • Milk Production: Increase of 3-7 lbs more milk by head 15 – 20%

  • Conception: Increase of 25%

  • Butter Fat: Decrease by 5% (due to production increase)

  • Bacterial Effects: Reduced by 30%

  • Milk Proteins: Increase of 10%

Our mobile water units integrate seamlessly with your current water supply to improve water quality without negatively impacting flow. Our micron water filtration system reduces large particle solubles with minimal removal of bacteria. Our full-service solution includes easy-to-monitor measurements of water flow, pH, TDS and water pressure, as well as GPS tracking to support your operation at peak performance.

If you would like to discover the difference our water solutions can make for your livestock, please contact us at 469-866-4844 today.